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KITE STUDIO's CIRCLE FITTINGS   Flying Crowns by Andre’ Cassagne
    Picture borrowed from:
Gomberg Kite Productions

Kite Studio 12 segment & 15 segment Circle Fittings:

Positive Cord Lock
  We have all seen the unbelievable “Flying Crowns” by Andre’ Cassagne and then later the sun and moon circles by Pete Dolphin. Since I neither have a brother, a plastic injection molding  machine, nor the 50K required for a mold; I have been wrestling with machining this fitting for  years. I finally have what appears to be a workable prototype design, but I have not yet built a  kite. There are currently two beta tests in progress. On the east coast, Kevin Shannon; and, on  the west coast, Cindy Thrall. As soon as I get a report from them, I’ll post it here and on the web.

The 12 segment, 30 degree angle circle requires:
Approximate price for 48 piece set: $190.00 (this does not include positive cord locks or framework)

The 15 segment, 24 degree angle circle requires:

I believe Andre” uses 6mm linear graphite sticks (closest American is 2300) in his circle, but I can make the fittings to any size linear graphite you want. Call and lets talk. 610-395-3560

In addition, I created a positive cord loc. This fitting should eliminate the need to constantly re-tension the skin due to stretch, since it creates adjustable points around the circle to tighten the skin.


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